Fried Veggies

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cause that's what I'm sitting here eating.

Hello stranger! I hope this finds you well as you're surfing the vast expanse of the internet--be careful, my friend, you might just get eaten alive. :}

I don't have much to post yet. But for now... my scanner woes:

So I drew this right? Yes. And I painted it. I was pretty excited about how it turned out... and then my scanner did this:

It's like 500% lighter than it is in real life and I don't have the abilities/program to edit the scanned image--just the norm picture viewer for Microsoft. Oh well. She really does look pretty sweet in real life. The blue is much (yes that's blue) and you can actually see the gray I used to shade her hair. I'm probably just going to have to paint a lot darker than I normally do in order for it to show up. :} It's a learning process all over again. lol. I was going to post this on devArt and rant there, but then I decided it shouldn't go up...sooo it's here aaand ya'll are stuck with it :P

p.s. This is Ara, from the book I was writing. Which is undergoing some transformation??? Hopefully I'll have more of an update on the next post. >:} bwahaha.

That's all for now...just a tiny bit I'm sorry. I'll have more on real things and life later. (eemmmpptyyyy pprrroommmiiseesssss)

Hwyl Fawr!


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