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Thursday, July 18, 2013


I was given the OK by the editors to release some of the logo work I've been working on for Lotus Ascending: an artful mouthpiece. The first batch was pretty organic and done traditionally:

Not the best-- but after a few emails and talk about the site and merchandising I did another batch with a different mindset:

These took about four house (about an hour each) to complete. I drew up the drafts in my note book, scanned them in and then, .... it began. I don't have a tablet or Adobe Photoshop. These were done on Gimp with the mouse pad on my laptop as the tablet and my finger as the pen. Not bad for limited resources, yeah?

I'm waiting for a word back from the group to see what they think of them. Hopefully we'll have a legit site up.

*Ahem* In case ya'll were wondering--

 Lotus Ascending is a creative arts magazine based out of Northeast Ohio. We are still working on getting a site up for you guys, and some lovely merchandise that you can Lotus-i-fy your place of residence. I'm super excited about being a part of the birth of this lovely magazine. We've got a wonderful team working together, but in all honesty, we aren't going to amount to anything without your support and help. We need your submissions. Your poems, your stories, your sketches, your paintings, your photography (and your subscriptions of course). We are made in the image of God, and I believe one of the smaller ways we are like Him is our love of creativity. If not painting or writing, then enjoying it for sure. Lotus Ascending wants to display this and share the hearts of poets and artists with the world. We chose the lotus not just because of it's unrivaled beauty, but also for the fact that it's roots are buried deep in mud--yet despite the crap it's planted in, it rises above that muck and mire to the surface, unfurling a beauty and serenity that can only come from the long journey upwards. Hence the name: Lotus Ascending

But I digress,...

Please feel free to comment on the concept work, or just chat away.

Ah, God is so good to leave us pictures in nature. We sure live in a stinky world, but when we focus on Him, oh how His beauty reflects on us.

Please feel free to visit our make-shift sights for now:

Lotus Ascending: an Artful Mouthpiece | Facebook

Lotus Ascending | Twitter

Nos da!


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